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“Good design is obvious. Great design is Transparent.” This is what the greats of the manufacturing world strive for. The journey to achieve the right quality is a challenge in itself and we here, at InDaco Metal Coats Pvt. Ltd. want to make your journey a colourful one. In collaboration with US based anodizing company. California, USA as our technical partners, who are pioneers in the world of surface treatment, and with the technical prowess of our local promoters, we provide the best solutions in Aluminium and Titanium Anodizing, Electropolishing, Surface Finishing and other specialized processes. The company has gained recognition through certifications, that are ISO 9001:2015 (Manufacturing) and AS 9100D. We will replicate the same set-up, processes and quality here at InDaco Metal Coats Pvt. Ltd.
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Since many Medical/Aerospace Component Manufacturers in India are depending on companies outside India for quality anodizing, we bring you anodizing that meets ISO and NADCAP specifications through collaboration with US based anodizing company.


Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to strengthen the products into an amazingly durable, versatile and superior building material. Anodize seal out moisture, inhibit corrosion and provide a controlled degree of coating build-up. A unique advantage of anodizing is its ability to coat more evenly all areas of the product, including most interior and difficult to reach surfaces. And, it also creates an aesthetically appealing "frostier" appearance, increases the beauty of products and provides the perfect polish and finishing.

Aluminium & titanium is rapidly becoming the most versatile material available for medical, aerospace, architecture, manufacturing, sports, and a thousand other commercial uses. This versatility comes from the many appearance options available, giving architects, designers, and other manufacturers with different ways to access the great advantages of anodized aluminium & titanium over other metals.

Anodizing strengthens and turn the products into an amazingly durable, versatile and superior material, along with looks that won’t chip, rust, flake or peel. This combination of superior functional performance and stunning beauty gives anodized products an almost endless list of uses. It can be fabricated into a multitude of shapes and applications, from large exterior and interior surface panels to the most intricate components and decorative products. This attracts industries to get anodized their materials to make value addition to the products.

Strengths of Anodize

Strengths of Anodize

Colour stability

Hardness, compared to a sapphire

Durability, abrasion resistance

Anodize protects and maintains the structural integrity of the aluminium

Non-hazardous, produces no harmful or dangerous by-products

Ease of maintenance


We are committed to provide various types of anodizing, passivation & electro polishing processes which meets customer requirements through

Innovation, Flexibility & Creativity In Products & Processes.

Continuous Improvement In The Effectiveness Of Our Quality Management System.

Meeting All Applicable Legal Requirements

Passion To Precision Approach

Strive To Achieve, Highest Quality And On Time Delivery Performance Of Our Products & Services

Being An Environment Friendly Organization By Prevention Of Pollution & Reduction Of Wastage


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction.

Focus On Time Delivery & Improvement In Product / Process Quality.

Continuously Upgrade Ourselves to Meet Change in Needs of Customers.

Focus On a Safe & Environment Friendly Approach.